About Us


Founded in 2009, We are a registered charity that believes in Art for All, our objective is to make art available to a wide audience and to find the voice of traditionally marginalised groups through poetry, music and dance. 

What Do We do?
We aim to make art available through both performances and facilitating workshops. We are currently performing our fundraising show Bear North around Brighton and Sussex, reaching a wide audience and making further projects available. Using performance and projects Brainfruit has given a voice to people in traditionally marginalised groups and allowed them to find their inner artist. Their projects have reached a wide audience and focused on using young facilitators between the ages of 18-30.

How are we funded?
Brainfruit has been the recipient of a variety of major grants; firstly receiving funding from The Getty Foundation, The Big Lottery Fund and several from the Arts Council England, we also fundraise through other events and performances.

What are our shows about?
Brainfruit’s ensemble has created a range of work that is interdisciplinary and focuses on a variety of topics; from politics to grief, happiness and also abstract work that allows the imagination of the audience to run free.

What is our charity number?
UK Registered Charity No. 1146309

What is Brainfruit’s purpose?
To encourage an appreciation of literature and make poetry more accessible to the public at large and to support new emerging writing and artists within the community focusing on traditionally marginalised groups.